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Absence Management made easy with MyWebWorkplace.net

This week sees the general release of MyWebWorkplace.net

This week sees the general release of MyWebWorkplace.net, an online business automation tool designed to increase business efficiency. Its developer, Integrated Project Systems Ltd (IPS), launched the first tool in the suite, Absence Management, a fully hosted leave and sickness application which enables any company to track employee leave records accurately, simply and quickly.

The December launch was chosen to allow companies ample time to test Absence Management before the new financial year, and management of the first three members of staff is entirely free, so testing the new service is risk-free. At £6 per employee thereafter it’s a remarkably cheap means of tracking entitlement and speeding communication. Absence Management gives managing directors, HR departments, line managers, and individual staff members 24/7 access to holiday entitlementand sickness management; allowing strategic planning for department leave and employee holiday booking. The software follows the traditional process of sickness notification and holiday request forms but with none of the delays, misplaced paperwork or communications breakdowns.

The entire process is automated, calculating absence by hours or days as appropriate, and ensuring that all members of the approval process have instant access to the latest information. So an employee can see at a glance how much holiday he or she has available, and how much sick leave has been taken; a line manager can tell immediately from shared calendars which members of the department have used up their holiday entitlement, and the HR department can track trends across the entire company. The result is a faster, more efficient and more reliable approval process, and more time for staff, managers and HR personnel to get on with the work that really matters.

Absence Management is also a simple first step in employee engagement, breaking down the ‘them-and-us’ mindset by sharing information and guaranteeing accountability. It’s also just the first module in a planned roll-out of business automation tools being developed by IPS; future module releases include Human Resources, Expenses Management, Timesheets and Project Management.

MyWebWorkplace.net's information assurance processes are founded on the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Security Management standard, and as an on-demand service, is available day and night, with nearly 100% uptime, with each time zone allocated its own servers to maintain uptime during working hours.

With all hardware maintenance, software updating, data back-up and security taken care of by IPS, and a system architecture flexible enough to manage companies with staff numbers ranging from 10 to 10,000, MyWebWorkplace.net is a hassle-free service which delivers peace of mind as well as enhanced internal communications.

MyWebWorkplace.net is the culmination of more than 30 years’ developing bespoke business automation systems. The Absence Management module provides a simple and instantly accessible introduction to the service; one which we think will be particularly useful to SMEs, commented Lee Porter, business development manager at IPS. Our research tells us that absence management problems and inconsistencies begin to appear in companies employing over 70 staff, and that managing absence is a major drain on time and resource for companies with between 100 and 500 staff. MyWebWorkplace.net is a cost-saving way of clawing back that time and creating a more efficient process.

Any company can test-drive the Absence Management module of MyWebWorkplace.net by visiting https://mwwp.me/Client_New/ and signing up for three free employees.


Notes to editor:
Integrated Project Systems was established in 1993, and has provided bespoke online business automation applications to numerous FTSE100 and public sector companies.

Integrated Project Systems: www.progmanager.com
MyWebWorkplace: www.mywebworkplace.net

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02891 828 604

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30 April 2010, Administrator

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